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  • The chamber provides value to members through business education opportunities.

    We do this because many business owners have said that relying solely “the school of hard knocks” is expensive.

    Business owners like you want to quickly learn “what to do” while avoiding “what NOT to do.”

    The chamber offers business education in two ways:

    • Online training courses are available that can be accessed on-demand and at your convenience. Some courses are complimentary while others are offered at a fee.
    • Monthly 1 hour workshops teach fundamental principles that when applied, help increase company profit and professional satisfaction while decreasing personal stress. Workshops are complimentary and part of the value you receive for maintaining current membership in the Chamber of Commerce. Non-members are invited to attend for a fee.


    Workshops provide a way for you to quickly learn immediately executable tips that will help improve your company’s bottom line and increase self-confidence.  Come have some fun and learn with other business owners and leaders.